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DKS Laser

Tiered Tumbler Shelf

Tiered Tumbler Shelf

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This is a physical product of our tiered tumbler shelf.  It is made up of 1/4 inch Baltic Birch wood.  This is a finished product that will be shipped to you. If you are wanting the digital file for personal use, please go here instead


The file will fit 25+ tumblers/water bottles/mugs etc.  The width will fit on a 24" table - with very minimal space in front or behind as the wood is 23.5" tall and wide and deep.


All 5 tiers are labeled for easy assembly and are made to be taken apart/put together for a much easier display and carrying to and from vendor events. We have used this shelf at multiple events and have not had any concerns with tipping over. 


We also like the hidden behind storage for your card reader, scissors, and a few miscellaneous things to be kept out of sight but still within arms reach and not too tucked away. 


We hope your customers love the display and being able to see your products much easier due to the increased amount of display room you will now have.


Three options are available: Dark Walnut will be stained and finished with a sealant. The natural wood color sealed with sealant. or completely unfinished. There will be burn marks left on the wood, sanding will not be done and it may have some rough edges. 


Purchasing the unfinished wood you are agreeing to finishing the rest by yourself and knowing that water could potentially warp the wood and damage the way the shelves hold level. 


Storing your shelves in an upright stacked position so nothing gets sat on top of them during storage and between shows. Water/humidity may warp the boards. Use caution when storing and using the shelves. All shelving units should be used with parental guidance and not be left unattended at any time. Care should also be taken when putting products on/off the shelf as to not have domino effect - releasing DKS Laser from any and all liability of product damage or accident. 

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