About Us

Dan & Holli, are married with two, crazy-busy kiddos who love archery and volleyball and playing Mario Cart. They love spending time together as a family camping, fishing, shooting archery, kayaking and playing in the mountains on their side by side.

How they got started with DKS Laser:

Holli was going to a business conference in Arizona and Dan tagged along to the retreat. While they were there in the conference they had asked Dan 'hypothetically speaking' if he were to start a business what would he do.

For the last 2-3 years he had been talking about how cool it would be to have a laser engraving company. He had done tons of research into cheap lasers from Amazon, to the popular ad that kept popping up on social media feeds and big commercial grade lasers. Never decided to pull the trigger because didn't want to have problems with cheap laser and there was no way we were buying a huge big one just for a little side hobby.

Part of the assignment 'hypothetically speaking' was to do some research on the larger commercial grade lasers and to find out exactly what the cost would be, how much delivery would be and getting some samples of what it could do. Upon doing that research, Dan found out that there were two companies a few miles from where they were staying at their retreat.

After a left voicemail, a returned phone call and an hour and 30 minutes later, they had an in-person demo. They knew this was something they needed to do and make it happen.

Not only will it be a super fun creative outlet, but having a little hobby that could make money too- just in case. Being in the pandemic state that we're in of Covid (puke word), they decided that it'd be a great opportunity to have a backup plan just in case mandates got worse. Dan & Holli don't support the crazy mandates of the country and that this backup plan would be a great fit.

Coming up with the a name to temporarily be a holder for this 'hypothetical business' they had decided Dan's Cool Shit. Then decided Dan's Kool Shit actually sounded pretty good, and why not! It encompasses our witty humor just nicely.

DKS Laser was born.