Collection: Request Custom Engraving

Want to add your own Logo, Team Name, Organization, Your kid's handwriting, or your own saying to a product that we offer? 

This is the place to do it.

Select what product you want and then upload your info/photo.

Please use the best and most clear logo version you have.  Preferably a .png .svg or even a .jpg -a downloaded picture from your facebook page isn't going to cut it. Please use your downloaded logo from whoever made your logo. (if its easier to upload a picture of your hand to get through the checkout process and email it later! That's great too!

If it's your child's handwriting please have them write on a white piece of paper if possible with a pen or marker preferably. Then take a picture and upload it! :D That ones easy! 

Have a recipe from your grandmother/mom/aunt or favorite whoever? Scan a copy of it and then email it to us.  Please just upload a picture of your hand in place on the website! Taking a picture of the recipe card -loses a lot of the characteristics of handwriting that makes it super unique and beautiful. Especially if it has lines, sugar or egg goo ;) we need the best quality possible. So scanned works best for this style.  

We offer up to 10 minutes of time fixing logo's and making minor adjustments and getting it into our laser's program.  (Recipe fixing -editing is built in the price already)

If it takes longer than 10 minutes or the logo needs to be adjusted/tweaked etc, there will be a fee assessed.