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Silicone Dog Tags Funny

Silicone Dog Tags Funny

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These silicone dog tags are the most perfect dog tag we have ever had! They are SOOOOOOO QUIET!!!  When every other tag they wear for Rabies & City Licensing, the metals just clank together every time they shake or do the idiot run.

These are perfect for the ADHDers in your life who get overwhelmed by the many sounds the four-legged friends are accustomed to. Now if someone can invent a nail clacking noise reducer- we would be in business! haha #ifykyk

They come in 2 shapes- Round or Bone.

Round shape approx. size: 1 3/8”

Bone shape approx. size: 1 5/8”

Pet's Name will be on the front with the funny quote below. 

Please indicate on your spelling how you want Pet's name in CAPS or Cursive


ex. Gracie -(cursive)  GRACIE - (CAPS)

Phone number & address will be on the back. 

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