Fund Laser

Looking back over the years- we were extremely fortunate to have super supportive family, friends, and neighbors that helped us with our various activities as children with the help of fundraisers. When we launched our business, we wanted to have a give back program but couldn’t decide on what organization to go with. We decided our youth was the best option by investing in them and their futures.

Activities and sports are a great way for our kids/youth/teens to learn a great deal of respect, discipline, organization, responsibility, interpersonal skills, money, and leadership skills. Handing them money isn't teaching them what they need to know.

We strongly believe they need to see the value of hard work, getting told no and learning valuable lifelong sales skills, balancing books, organization, and even some communication skills. 

Our giveback program is called Fund Laser, a twist on fundraising to help giveback. If you are interested in setting up your own Fund Laser, please send us an email with some information about your group and needs. We would love to chat with you about it. 


Dan & Holli