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DKS Laser

Archery Sight Tape

Archery Sight Tape

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The perfect solution to all of your sight tape problems.

After you chronograph your bow and sight and you attempt to print it on paper and then it rains and rips or falls apart. or you catch it on a tree branch as you are walking through looking for the next trophy buck and it is then ruined.

Don't have to mess with putting it on with wrapping paper tape or packaging tape. And leaving a gummy sticky residue all over or having the ink blur.

Shooting archery no matter the style is always super fun. What's not fun is when you pull your bow out of the case and you realize your sight tape is no longer to be found last shoot and you forgot to print another one!

Or its half ass holding on and you have zero tape around to make it stay.

We have all been there. It sucks! We came up with a genius idea to permanently adhere the sight tape to your bow. (It is removeable with alcohol)

A few things you will need:

First a BOW! weird right! haha okay so that a given, but you need to have the spider webs dusted off and be completely sighted in and have your set up, scaled to your bow's speed and arrows so we can accurately get your tape done for you. If you need a sight ran -we really like Archers Advantage. Find which fits best for you and your set up. Email us a copy with your NAME & ORDER # in the subject line.

Once we receive your order we will respond back to you with confirmation. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Once we have received it we will get your sight tape put into production (5-7 business days after we receive your email).

The new metal sight tape will be black with silver font lasered through. It has a self adhesive backing on the tape.

Set up your working area:

Clean your bow with some good ol' fashion soap and water. Remove dirt, debris, last year's deer blood, or your tears from the biggest Bull Elk you've ever seen that you missed the shot on, couldn't find from a shitty shot, or because you only had a cow tag. We need this area CLEAN!!!

Go wash your hands. Your sweat, dirt, and oily ass fingers are going to wreck the adhesive backing.

Once your fingers are DRY- proceed to add your tape to your sight.

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